What is an importer of record and why use this service?

What is an importer of record?

An importer of record, also known as IOR, provides a service for situations when a company is importing goods into a country where it has no representation and/or it wants the asset to remain the property of the exporter/shipper/origin company.

Why use an importer of record?

If you're looking to export goods into any country outside of a free trade zone, then you may require an in-country presence to import the goods into that country. If you have no presence, then this creates a problem, and in many cases, restricts you from shipping the goods.

By using our importer of record service, we will provide you with the necessary in country presence to clear the goods for onward delivery.

Can a customs broker be the importer of record?

Custom brokers can act in this capacity, however, by doing so, they would have to take on the responsibilities of being an importer of record. This includes any pre-shipment paperwork and preparation, paying duties and taxes, and potentially the delivery and accounting relating to the sale of the goods after clearance.

For these reasons, you’ll often find that a customs broker will not have the resource to offer these types of services and would be averse to acting in this capacity due to the risks involved.

Using a third party importer of record service:

  • Gives you the ability to import product into countries around the globe
  • Avoids the need to set up a fiscal presence in a country
  • Provides an efficient and streamlined process, which doesn’t require any changes to your core business processes
  • Enables you to maintain complete control of your supply chain
  • Gives you access to specialist knowledge and expertise on compliance, licensing and global trade issues
  • Simplifies your import processes and ensures smooth clearance of your shipments
  • Enables you to expand your business worldwide

If you’re facing any challenges with the clearance of your goods, please get in touch.

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Who requires an importer of record service?

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Who requires an importer of record service?

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